Nespresso ® compatible Coffee capsules & Dolce Gusto ® compatible coffee pods from Capsule Café

Recyclable and now also Compostable Coffee Capsules that won’t cost the Earth!


Nespresso compatible coffee capsules  & Dolce Gusto compatible coffee pods for home & business

Here at Capsule Café,  we specialize in supplying Nespresso compatible coffee capsules & Dolce Gusto compatible coffee pods,  for domestic and small business use.

Capsule Café Ltd. are the premium suppliers for Cafféluxe coffee capsules/coffee pods in New Zealand.  Cafféluxe have completely dominated the market in their country of origin (South Africa).  Now it’s high time for New Zealand to enjoy this great tasting coffee as well!

Sourced from the world’s top coffee-producing countries, these are made from only the highest-grade coffee.  This includes Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia, Guatemala, Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia.  All sourced via fair trade channels.

Capsule café pride ourselves in supplying high quality coffee, that will take your taste buds on the best coffee adventure it’s ever had!

Two ranges of Nespresso compatible coffee capsules – find your favourite blend

Capsule Café offers 2 different ranges of coffee capsules/coffee pods with different blends.

Firstly the ORIGINS COFFEE CAPSULE RANGE with 5 different blends including a decaf option.  Packaged in a resealable bag to keep in the freshness and made from a recyclable plastic suitable to be placed in your recycle bin.

Secondly the AFRICAN COFFEE CAPSULE COLLECTION – COMPOSTABLE CAPSULES with 5 different blends including 2 Organic blends.



Dolce Gusto® Compatible Coffee Pods – Café René Pod.

Blends: Americano, Espresso, Espresso stong, Grande, Lungo Forte, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato, Latte Macchiato Caramel,  Hot chocolate, Milk chocolate drink.

Compatible with Nescafe® Dolce Gusto® Oblo, Jovia, Piccolo, Circolo, Melody, Mini Me, Genio Coffee Machines.

African coffee blends in Nespresso compatible coffee capsules & coffee pods.  Africa Collection 

Biodegradable/compostable capsules

Coffee capsules – Tanzanian blend

Medium Roast Lungo (7/10 intensity)
This intense dark roasted espresso coffee has a balanced composition. Packed with nutty flavours and a smooth, lingering finish. Nespresso Compatible coffee capsules.

Coffee capsules – Ugandan blend – 100% Organic

Medium Roast Lungo (7/10 intensity)
Exotic  espresso coffee, filled with richness and intensity. Native to the East Central Highlands. The best way to appreciate this espresso coffee is as a lungo (long coffee). Ideally enjoyed as a Cappuccino or Americano. Nespresso Compatible coffee capsules

Coffee capsules – Ethiopian blend

Full Roast  (9/10 intensity)
This untamed, floral espresso coffee, with a hint of caramel notes, is a smooth blend which is sweet and complex on the palate, allowing for a genuine appreciation of coffee’s native land. Nespresso Compatible coffee capsules.

Coffee capsules – Kenyan blend.

Full Roast  (9/10 intensity)
Being an East African favorite the Kenyan coffee bean creates a potent, full roast espresso coffee. It enhances the bold, full-bodied flavour with a blackcurrant and wine aftertaste. Nespresso Compatible coffee capsules.

Coffee capsules – African Blend – 100% Organic

Full Roast  (7/10 intensity)
This espresso coffee brings the best from Africa to produce an exotic and distinctive coffee experience. Full flavoured, complex espresso coffee delivering a well-rounded fruity flavour and an aftertaste that pleasantly lingers. Nespresso Compatible coffee capsules.

Nespresso compatible coffee pods | Origins Collection

Origina 125 capsules / 5 blend

French blend

Medium roast (8/10 intensity)

This Caffeluxe coffee is intensely bold. It is a very flavorful coffee creating smoking overtones and an aftertaste that is pleasant and sweet. Nespresso Compatible coffee capsules

 Italian blend

Dark roast (9/10 intensity)

This Caffeluxe coffee originate from the Pacific and Latin America. This is a full bodied coffee with a rich, dark roast blend, silky body, highlights of hazelnut flavor and bright acidity. Nespresso® Compatible coffee capsules

Brazilian blend

Dark roast (9/10 intensity)

This Caffeluxe coffee is a medium bodied aromatic coffee made from the finest Brazilian Santos coffee beans. It has a rich, mellow flavor with a bold lingering aftertaste. Nespresso® Compatible coffee capsules

African blend

Medium roast (7/10 intensity)

This Caffeluxe coffee is made from premium, Africa Arabica beans. Rich smooth flavored coffee with citrus overtones and well-rounded acidity. Nespresso® Compatible coffee capsules

Colombian decaffe 

Medium roast (7/10 intensity)

This Caffeluxe coffee is a full bodied premium, decaffeinated Colombian coffee. The coffee beans are preserved in this roast accentuating a subtle flavor with a hint of oak.  Nespresso® Compatible coffee capsules


Americano – Dolce Gusto® Compatible

If you like a big cup of coffee in the morning, this coffee is the perfect choice!

Aromatic and rounded with delicious notes of nuts, chocolate and a fresh touch of citrus. Enjoy the Americano with some milk.

Grande – Dolce Gusto® Compatible

If you want to start your day with a big, mild cup of coffee, Café René Grande is just for you. 

The coffee is made from aromatic Arabica coffee beans, and the roasting of these produces a rich and fruity coffee with a round classic flavor. Grande is perfectly ideal to start your day.

Latte Macchiato  – Dolce Gusto® Compatible
Enjoy the afternoon with your friends or family with this Latte Macchiato from Café René. The coffee consists of a delicious, creamy milk, an aromatic espresso and a lightly sweetened layer of milk foam, which together gives a harmonious coffee experience. 

The espresso is made from the classic Arabica coffee beans, which provides a rounded, full-bodied taste.

Cappuccino – Dolce Gusto® Compatible

Delicious Cappuccino enjoyment with this coffee variant from Café René. 

The cappuccino consists of a rich espresso and sweet creamy milk foam on top. The espresso is made from exquisite Arabica beans, which provides a fantastic aromatic flavor that completing the coffee experience.

Hot Chocolate – Dolce Gusto® Compatible

Café René Chocolate is like a creamy chocolate cake with a round and intense taste. A nice drink for a cold winter day – or as an extra shot of energy on a busy day.

You get a nice large cup of cocoa so that your chocolate craving is fully satisfied.