Coffee capsules and espresso machines Q & A s

Welcome to Capsule Café’s Q & A page:

Using your capsules to make a great cuppa coffee

Step 1: Before inserting a coffee capsule into the machine, run a shot of water through the machine into your cup. This cleans the machine, warms up your cup and ensures the best tasting coffee.

Step 2: Insert your capsule into the machine and press the lever all the way down

Step 3: Select either the espresso (short) button or lungo (long) button for your preference of coffee.

Step 4 : Once finished lift the lever and eject the capsule into the machine basket. Remember our capsules are recyclable! Just take of the foil.

Step 5: Add your milk of choice – either frothed milk or warm milk. The milk can also be added at the beginning instead of afterwards.   ENJOY!

Espresso machine loading Tips:

    • Remember to empty out your capsule tray regularly otherwise the lever won’t go down.
    • If for any bizarre reason the lever still won’t go down put the capsule inside the machine, eject it and then put it inside again … this should do the trick.
    • Remember to descale your machine at least twice a year or after about 300 uses.

Recyclable coffee capsules and what they are made from?

Our current capsule stock is made from food-safe, recyclable PP.  Simply take off the foil, rinse out the coffee and pop them into the blue recycle bin.

We are in the process of changing our capsules to 100% biodegradable/compostable.  It is in the making and we expect them within the coming months.  We will start with our Africa range.  Our goal is to ultimately replace our capsules with the new compostable capsules and by doing so help save the planet 1 capsule at a time!  We will be releasing more info on this and keep our clients up to date on the developments.

Are Cafféluxe plastic capsules safe to use with hot water?

Yes, they are. Thanks to our coffee capsules being crafted from FDA-approved food-safe HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene), each one is capable of withstanding high temperatures without compromising the taste or the flavour of the coffee kept safe inside.

Coffee capsule or coffee pod… which is it??

Most people seem to get confused between Espresso Pods and Espresso Capsules, or actually don’t realize there’s quite a difference between them. They’re two different ways to make a shot of espresso with a pre-measured amount of coffee. So what’s the difference?

Espresso Capsules:

Capsule vs pod picture

Espresso capsules creates a single shot of perfectly measured espresso, however, an espresso capsule requires a single-serve espresso machine that is compatible with the capsule.  The coffee are contained within a ‘capsule’ that once used you must dispose of.  This capsule may be made from Aluminum or Plastic, and has a foil top.   Each single-serve espresso machine has its own line of espresso capsules that is only compatible with it. For example our capsules are only compatible with Nespresso compatible Machines.

Espresso Pods (Also known as ESE Pods or Easy Serving Espresso):

Pod vs capsule

These are round pods that you place inside a special filter in your espresso machine’s portafilter to have your machine brew a perfectly measured shot of espresso.  Standardized 7 grams of ground espresso is compressed inside a two sided disk shaped paper pod much like a puffy teabag on steroids.  You will need a machine specifically designed for ESE pods for use these type of pods.

And that my dear people is the difference between a Coffee Capsule and a Coffee Pod.